The Pitch & Pint Podcast

Production is underway to bring, yet anther podcast to fantasy football. On the back of nearly 10 years of casting experience and more recently as a host for The Academica Vertex, this is a purely fun, solo venture. It’s a project I pitched to a few individuals during last season, which never got off the ground. The success of the #FPLBeerClub combined with nearly 100 #30SecondBeerReview shorts on Twitter and Instgram could carve out its niche for the upcoming FPL season.  Recording has started and further details will be provided as Episode 1: The Head of FPL for all to listen to. Stay tuned for download details! Cheers!

FPL 2018/19: Initial Thoughts

In what was a surprise move, FPL was launched today after a leaked price list made the rounds on Twitter on Thursday morning in the US. As I was in the middle of converting the PDF found at Who Got The Assist, I happen to refresh my Twitter feed and saw FPL_Fly posting his ID number. Needless to say, I quickly pulled Premier League, registered for the upcoming season, auto drafted a squad and was given number, 446. While the ID is irrelevant, it seems to hold some bragging rights among some managers, where lower is better. Here I always thought, bigger was better. At any rate, about 80000 managers welcomed the league with open arms and Twitter was filled with managers getting back into the FPL swing of things.
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Keys to FPL Success

The leak of the FPL prices list, followed the unexpected release of the 2018/19 FPL game has taken many fantasy managers by surprise. In fact, I had just downloaded the PDF from Who Got The Assist when I noticed team ID numbers being posted on Twitter. Quick in signing up, naming my team and auto draftomg, I was number, 446. While these numbers are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, it’s the earliest I have seen the official game launched, in my 5 years playing and the lowest ID I’ve recorded.
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World Cup Musings

Interest in the 2018 World Cup hasn’t been where it was in years past. Maybe it has something to do with Italy not being involved. Not that I expected much from the Azzurri, seeing as they didn’t qualify that alone speaks volumes. So without nation, not that I would ever think of supporting the US…then again, they couldn’t qualify either…that could be be related to the lack of excitement I have for the tournament.
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2018 World Cup: Round 1

At the conclusion of Monday’s World Cup games, I felt more like Leo Messi, rather than Christiano Ronaldo, as my overall rank plummeted 400k. Bad decisions? Poor player selection? Or the ultimate factor, luck? Round 1 ends today and three hours later Round 2 begins. For me, the decision was made prior to kick off, as I activated my Wild Card during the Russia v Saudi Arabia match for Round 2. The Bench Boost was also activated for the first round.
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2018 World Cup: Starting XI Thoughts

I swore to myself I wasn’t going to participate, as I recall loosing interesting Euro 2016 and the 2014 World Cup fantasy games last time around. Truth be told, I am bored, as I sit and refresh Twitter all day looking for some nugget of information on which to strike up a conversation. Thankfully we are just three days away from Russia and I have put together a starting XI.
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FPL Accolades

Maybe I shouldn’t even consider this piece noteworthy. There were many individuals I collaborated with during the season. This was also the first season I used Twitter to aid the FPL decision making process. The word “lemmings” comes to mind as this social media outlet is but a small cross-section of a very LARGE online gaming community. That said, I had my “regular” users, sites and podcasts I turned to during the season.
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