Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW2

So the 5-man defensive strategy didn’t get off to the best start, stumbling in GW1, while backing treble Liverpool. Yet, their attacking returns helped to offset their lost CS points to some degree. Even more disappointing was the fact I missed out on all clean sheets for my defenders and came up short on the GW1 average points, by just three points (47 vs. 50). I’ve had a flurry of thoughts ahead of GW2. I can’t say I have ruled out a hasty wild card to shuffle players around, but that would be me failing to practice patience. If I ask myself, “do I really need to WC?” The answer is “no” however there is always a but. As in, “but I don’t own Salah.” Continue reading “Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW2”

2020/21 FPL GW2 Starting XI

What was the chance I would actually burn an unnecessary wild card ahead of GW2? Not a chance. As I said in Episode 60 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast, “It’s early, very early, so if your squad stumbled in GW1, have some patience, your team will rebound.” That said it will be interesting to see the percentage of managers who activated that wild card because of players from the Manchester clubs, Burnley, oh yeah and Villa. I am recovering from a poor selection of Kai Havertz in GW1, regardless of who was in that fourth midfield position was only a one week play and has already been transferred out for Kevin De Bruyne. So how does this team stack up for GW2? Continue reading “2020/21 FPL GW2 Starting XI”

2020/21 FPL: GW2 Transfers

As I stated in Episode 60 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast, I am not going to tell you how to play the game, who to captain or what strategies to employ. That’s not what I am about. Ask me a question and I will give you my opinion, but who’s to say its right? We’ve seen FPL managers activating their wild card, after just one game, to think I thought I didn’t have enough after two weeks of games the past few season. This year, unless something really goes awry in GW2, I will end up holding my wild card and potentially rolling a free transfer in the next few weeks. While we didn’t get some anticipated results or performances from a few players and teams, I feel confident after a 78 points GW1 that my squad looks good heading into the weekend. Continue reading “2020/21 FPL: GW2 Transfers”

Think Different: GW1 Retrospect

This Think Different series began a few years back when I was a contributor to Fantasy Football Geek and initially focused on the viability of playing five defenders. While that strategy didn’t last long, the series did last a few seasons, before discontinuing submissions to FFG. This year, I’ve decided to revive the series on, posting the first of six articles on August 18, Think Different: An FPL Tale Part I. This series was conceived to follow my second team from pre-season planning and strategy, over 38 game weeks to see how a set and forget 5-man defense can get on in a very attack minded FPL game. Hopefully the first game week isn’t an indication of how things are going to go, but I am confident this team will rebound and finish the season with a respectable OR. More importantly, I am curious to see what I learn from this exercise. Continue reading “Think Different: GW1 Retrospect”

2020/21 Premier League: GW1 Retrospect

I have no reason to be disappointed with my final score of 78 points at the conclusion of GW1. My captain selection was spot on, going with Mo Salah, who returned 40 points and for many FPL managers the reason they finished the week above the weekly average points that finished on 50 points. Yet with this success, there was some frustration with personnel, from selection to performance that didn’t fair well. However, I feel I am off to a strong or stronger start than the past two seasons. My final score was good enough for a start at 376k with something to build on for GW2. Continue reading “2020/21 Premier League: GW1 Retrospect”

Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW1

This season the second team I have entered in the fantasy game will feature five defenders all season long, as my strategy is not to deviate from that formation. Obviously, there could be weeks in which a defender is benched and an bench player is auto substituted in. The league sees four team starting on a buy (MCI/MUN/BUR/AVL), which throws a bit of a curve into my plans, not wanting to waste a transfer on a defender. That means my starting defense could potentially change during each of the first three weeks. Not how I planned it, but FPL managers need to remain flexible and patient. Continue reading “Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW1”

2020/21 FPL GW1 Starting XI

Am I excited for the start of the Premier League season? Not really. Excited that FPL is back, not as much as I have been in the past. The decision was made during the brief off season not to bin to the Pitch & Pint Podcast, so there is still interest in the game. Twitter has been nothing short of a shit show, slander, “experts” giving their advice, professional FPL managers? What the hell is that? Betting and gambling sponsors. Sorry there are more important matters in life to deal with than a fantasy game. Now with that rant out of the way I will give you one man’s opinion in how I am setting up the first game week. Continue reading “2020/21 FPL GW1 Starting XI”

Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 58 Show Notes

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Season 3, Episode 58 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Sunday, August 23, Back in the Saddle.

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Hello and welcome to Episode 58 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me / @6thGoal on Twitter.

Honestly / I did not plan on returning with the Pitch & Pint Podcast / but as it happens, the show will continue in a similar vein with fantasy Premier League content as well as beer, brewery reviews and / the FPL Beer Club. Continue reading “Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 58 Show Notes”

Pitch & Pint Podcast: Season 3


As you will hear me say on the podcast next week, this podcast is something I didn’t intend to follow through with at the end of July when I thought I was signing off from the Pitch & Pint Podcast forever. As luck has it, there still seems to be interest in the podcast. I posted a short “coming soon” message on Twitter as I am excited to get behind the microphone for another season. Season 3 will kick off the first of 40 planned episodes over the course of the season, with a preseason and season in review podcast. Continue reading “Pitch & Pint Podcast: Season 3”

Think Different: 5-Man Defense

This article was to be included in the final installment of Think Different: An FPL Tale, but after putting the finishing touches on part five, I realized it was just too long. This is also a strategy I’ve been passionate about for a number of years and feel it can be implemented with success. As noted in the previous series an important part of this FPL game is selecting the right players ahead of the first game week. To date, I’ve yet to have a banger to start the season, but looking to get in and select players with the intention of keeping some players unchanged over the 38 week season. Continue reading “Think Different: 5-Man Defense”